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Speaking and Educational Tools


If you’re looking for a dynamic, engaging speaker who can make an emotional connection with your audience while sharing insights that will change the way they move through the world, get in touch! I can apply gray rhino theory to frame and solve stubborn challenges in your industry or organization; help you re-think your relationship with risk as leaders, team members, and as an organization; or help you to make sense of global macro gray rhinos. Follow the links below to www.thegrayrhino.com for more information.

Digital Learning

Explore digital learning opportunities from virtual keynotes, fireside chats, and workshops; to microlearning on your mobile device via the innovative Gnowbe platform; and digital courses on board governance and decision making via the DCRO Institute and risk fingerprint forensics via Risk Awareness Week. Follow the links below to www.thegrayrhino.com for more information.

Master Classes and Board Retreats

Highly interactive executive master classes and board retreat sessions combine education and training functions with strategic advisory; and can be customized to include intensive breakout sessions and readouts of key conclusions. Using gray rhino theory and cutting-edge behavioral science tools, I’ll help your executives or board members to develop better alarm systems, lay the groundwork for making better decisions, and re-shape risk relationships as individuals, teams, and organizations. Follow the link below to www.thegrayrhino.com for more information.

The Latest

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The brand-new website, Shepherd, asked me to share some recommendations related to my first book, Why the Cocks Fight: Dominicans, Haitians, and […]
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Risk Awareness Week
Join Michele Wucker for the workshop "The Art of Risk Fingerprint Forensics" as part of Risk Awareness Week 2022.
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NEW Microlearning Course: What’s Your Gray Rhino [Personal Version]
Innovative micro-learning platform Gnowbe introduces a new digital course "What's Your Gray Rhino [Personal Version]"
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