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I can talk your audience through an overview of the gray rhino framework with examples relevant to your industry, or do a deep dive into one of the stages.

Breakout Sessions

I will lay out simple but effective tools to help manage these highly obvious but under-recognized challenges to companies, industries, people, and the planet

Executive Workshops

We will help your Executive team to develop better alarm signals and decision making systems to recognize and speak up when they see a gray rhino

The Latest

President Xi Jinping Warns of Gray Rhino Risks
China must be on guard against highly improbable, unimaginable “black swan” events while also fending off highly probable but often […]
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Books That Inspired Me in 2018
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and peaceful and prosperous 2019! Wrapping up 2018, I’m reflecting on the […]
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Why the Cocks Fight Meet the Author at Bronx Community College Dec 4
Michele Wucker spoke at Bronx Community College December 4, 2018 in a “Meet the Author” event with students and faculty. […]
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FT Beyond Brics: China's Biggest Financial Risk Is the US
Washington’s devil-may-care attitude has become Beijing’s top priority Michele Wucker published this op-ed on the Financial Times beyondbrics blog November 13, […]
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