The Gray Rhino on The Exchange

I sat down with Reuters Breakingviews US Editor Jeffrey Goldfarb for a conversation on The Exchange about why it’s more important to look for gray rhinos than black swans and how to keep from getting trampled. The interview aired June 23, 2016. Click the image below to view the video.

With Reuters Breakingviews US Editor Jeffrey Goldfarb on The Exchange
With Reuters Breakingviews US Editor Jeffrey Goldfarb on The Exchange


The Gray Rhino on WGN-TV Midday Fix

I had a great time talking about THE GRAY RHINO with Steve Sanders on WGN TV’s Midday Fix June 6, 2017. We covered a range of gray rhinos, from Chicago’s finances to the 2008 financial crisis to climate change to the things we ignore in our personal lives.

Watch by clicking on the image below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.56.13 PM

WTTW Chicago Tonight: Recognizing Looming Threats

WTTW 2016-04-20I appeared on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight April 20th talking about THE GRAY RHINO and why the elephant in the room and the black swan needed a more dynamic companion: “I felt that the language need something much, much more active, something that gave us a choice, that recognized how hard it is to deal with something – sometimes because it’s so big.”

Watch the interview and read an excerpt HERE.

In the Books Editor’s Choice: The Gray Rhino

800ceoreadI’m delighted to share that The Gray Rhino: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore is an Editor’s Choice at 1-800-CEO-READ.

“Michele Wucker’s book is more than just a clever metaphor, though; It is a carefully crafted argument in favor of concerted action in the face of our biggest challenges and most obvious dangers,” writes Dylan Schleicher. “And it can do more for business leaders, policy makers, and individuals than helping them avoid catastrophe, because learning to embrace rather than ignore a looming threat can transform it into an opportunity. Not only can we avoid being trampled, we can learn to ride Gray Rhinos into previously uncharted territory and unprecedented growth in our personal lives, in business, and in society.

Read the review  at In the Books.

Observer Interview: Into the Wild

It’s time to pay attention to “gray rhinos,” says policy expert Michele Wucker.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.31.23 PMParker Richards interviewed me for this piece in the New York Observer, published April 2, 2016. “It’s not just a book, it’s a new way of thinking about the world’s problems,” he wrote. Read the full interview HERE.

WGN Radio -The Download


Why do we choose to ignore pending doom? Good question! I had a great time talking with Justin Kaufman on his WGN Radio show, “The Download,” on March 31 here in Chicago, about THE GRAY RHINO, financial meltdowns, kicking the can, climate change, and the tricks our minds play on us with  LISTEN HERE. That’s Michigan Avenue in the backdrop of the photo.